ᕙ(⇀ PSY-FLY On Tour – 432Hz Journey ↼)ᕗ 5 Oktober

Let us take you on a journey through a vivid and colorful landscape of psychedelic sounds in 432Hz

ᕙ(⇀ PSY-FLY On Tour – 432Hz Journey ↼)ᕗ (in-door)

432Hz Psychedelic Trance | Psytrance (Progressive Psytrance, Full On Psytrance)

Start of The 432Hz Journey: 05-10-24  – 17:00-02:00

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C0SM1C-4LPH4 and Medicine Ray (N.O.N.)

Early Bird Tickets: € 15,00
Regular Tickets: € 17,50
Late Bird / Door Price Tickets: € 20,00 (door will be closed at 22:00)

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Limited travelers capacity (max. 250) so book your Tickets Now so we can wish you an inspiring 432Hz journey with ૐ Psy-Fly On Tour ૐ

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Reeshofdijk 12
5044 VB Tilburg
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